Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Go Green!!

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It takes me half an hour to reach the nearest shopping mall from my home on a weekend evening. But a couple of weeks back I was surprised to have reached the place in 10 minutes. Something was abnormal, the bus driver was no Schumacher and looked like he was driving it reluctantly with a frowned face as though he was late for a date. The roads looked empty too, wait a moment.....I don't hear the familiar "trrrrrrr...tot tot tot tot trrrrrr" sound at all. There is not a single auto plying across the busy highway and yes, now I get the reason for my astronomical speed in reaching the mall. Today is the city-wide auto strike. The strike stands from 6AM - 6PM. On my way back in the night I got into a waiting auto and as expected the autowallah demanded much more than what it would take. He seemed friendly though and spoke English too(Bangalore hain saab!!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Irony of Life

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Ufff....finally I am posting something after nearly 50 days. After lots of travel over the last few weeks I sat down to post this last week only to find my broadband cable split and dangling. (Muck Fe!!:P). Thanks to my manager who surprisingly has got little work for me this week and also for not reading my posts(:P), I now have time to blog from my office. A lot of travel over the month showed me few things that we won't generally know in our daily lives. These few things that I would be mentioning, unfortunately have nothing to cheer. The first one being the pathetic plight of a few flood-victims and the second being the unanimous cry by the autowallahs of Bangalore for justice (which I would mention in my coming post.)