Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Wanted Veer's London Dreams

Omnipresent! A word that can easily be linked with the so-called brat of Bollywood and the original machoman of India, Salman Khan. From ads to national songs, North India to South India, with chiks to saree-clad woman, Salman seems to be rediscovering himself for the new decade. Watching his recent films leaves one sympathetic to one of India's most admired(erstwhile) stars. None wanted him to be 'Wanted' and aam-junta had a sigh of relief after wives of theatre-owners saw to it that their husbands divorced 'Mr n Mrs Khanna' to sustain their livelihood. And what happens when Chatur Ramalingam turns creative? Yeah,rightly said, 'Shit happens'. Confident that there was no much audience left for him in the North, chatur Sallu dubbed his iconic disaster 'Veer' into Telugu and vowed that it would be another Magadheera(the Telugu movie that threatened to topple Ghajini as the top-grossing Indian movie ever before 3 Idiots broke everything available). What happened is best not spoken of and being from Andhra, I am too embarrassed to even say the word 'Veer' after watching it(yeah...I am part of the disaster-chasing fanatics).