Thursday, August 27, 2009

Differently Original

You must have watched law-defying moves by Indian actors(especially guys from the South) that led to Newton and Einstein pleading the Almighty to give them one more chance to prove their theories right in the heavens.Out-of-box thinking has always been the part and parcel of Indian cinema, be it fights or songs or dialogue delivery. This video shows another instance of why our own Bollywood beats its western big brother hands down. Ask yourself when did Superman hook up with Spiderwoman? Bollywood had done it decades ago :P
Superman and Spidey shake a leg together

For all those MJ fans who haven't yet got out of their mourning, here's a southern "Thriller" that's campaigning hard to be part of Janet's tribute to MJ show. This one would surely rest MJ in peace for ever and ever.
Desi Thriller

No wonder why this one could not break the records unlike MJ's Thriller. So the next time your manager asks you to think out-of-box, follow a few tricks the Indian cinema has taught you---you need not be original, just be different!!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Firstly a warning!! You may feel disgusted reading this post and could lose your temper too[:P]. Secondly a clarification, most of us,including me have a strong sense of disgust towards this queen of controversies that I would be mentioning. Yet I just couldn't brake my mind from following her show with utmost enthu!! You must have by now found out(and probably cursing yourself to have been on this blog-page) who she is, ladies and gentlemen, it's none other than (everyone's) Rakhi!!(how many mouths rolled out with "shit"??). For about 4 weeks I ardently followed the show inspite of my busy schedule. All I long for is something to relax along with a glass of juice after my office hours. This is the case with thousands of professionals across the nation. What we want is a reason to laugh, criticize and get entertained, without bothering about what that reason actually is. And this show had that "it" factor immensely present inside it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jai Hind!!

Which is your favorite song? Before reading further make sure you have your choice crystal clear. Now ask yourself why do you happen to like it? Having answered that ask yourself when was the last time you heard it? And finally, how many times roughly did you listen to it? Have these answers with yourself. Now lemme ask you a simple question, what if someone made you listen to it everyday(yes my friend,i meant "everyday") and probably if you had to sing it aloud too? Your favorite would soon be the most detested. How many times can a Northie listen or hum "Jai Ho", a Tamilian hum "Unnale Unnale", or an Andhrite hum "Cheliya Cheliya" and how many times can you hum your chosen favorite song? May be a few hundred of times. Now just have a look at this video before reading further :)

How many times have you sung it and listened to it? I am pretty sure everyday of your schooling atleast. A sense of pride grips one's body irrespective of your origin, be it Punjabi or a Tamilian, a Gujju or a Manipuri. That's the beauty of this song you just listened to. I am sure I can listen to it daily and can sing it with my heart all through out my life. And I am sure so can you. Just wanted to share this thought that incidentally occurred today. Happy birthday independent INDIA. Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day!!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Need of the Hour

It's here, it's in the air around us and you could be the next victim! The scare seems to have spread faster than the virus itself. After SARS, Anthrax, Chikungunya, Bird Flu etc of yesteryear, its now the turn of Swine Flu to challenge mankind. With such an alarming rate, more and more hospitals should bear the onus to screen people. The deadly disease is spreading its wings rapidly and it's a herculean task that the Health Ministry now faces, to curtail it. This can be taken as a classic example of "preparation at the n-th hour". The Ministry has overlooked 5 simple words - 'Prevention is better than cure', which ironically stands 'out of the crowd' in every advertisement the Ministry has put up all the years henceforth. The disease has been in the news over the past couple of months, mostly in the Western world. I think, this is the first time that the Eastern world stood up to screen people coming from the West, another classic piece of reversal of the practice where the West many a times have screened people from the East for reasons beyond medical too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

False Standards

Everything International!! That's what has become the norm of the day. Be it clothing, consumer products, automobiles etc....only one thing seems to be paying off, namely "Brand International". I see no offence though, with people owning such things though it may leave a bigger hole in one's pocket than desi goods. What's surprising and sad is to see people, especially the urbanized, totally blindfolded being in pursuit of "International". I had the chance to look at one of the International schools last month that has seen a meteoric rise in its admissions every year. The entrance looked truly international with fountains leading the way to the building. A single building, probably the size of a 4-storied apartment stood amidst a garden that seemed to encircle it. Nothing much to describe from now on, as it was a very normal building that had classes from pre-kg to 10th with classrooms distributed within the 4 floors. Roughly around 16 rooms were present, each accomodating at the maximum, 10 students!!