Thursday, August 27, 2009

Differently Original

You must have watched law-defying moves by Indian actors(especially guys from the South) that led to Newton and Einstein pleading the Almighty to give them one more chance to prove their theories right in the heavens.Out-of-box thinking has always been the part and parcel of Indian cinema, be it fights or songs or dialogue delivery. This video shows another instance of why our own Bollywood beats its western big brother hands down. Ask yourself when did Superman hook up with Spiderwoman? Bollywood had done it decades ago :P
Superman and Spidey shake a leg together

For all those MJ fans who haven't yet got out of their mourning, here's a southern "Thriller" that's campaigning hard to be part of Janet's tribute to MJ show. This one would surely rest MJ in peace for ever and ever.
Desi Thriller

No wonder why this one could not break the records unlike MJ's Thriller. So the next time your manager asks you to think out-of-box, follow a few tricks the Indian cinema has taught you---you need not be original, just be different!!
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Arnav said...

Out of the box ..thats hilarious man ..


Appoos' said...

haha... nice one man.. out of the box it was..

Post Man said...

@Arnav & @Appoos'
Thanks guys...:)