Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Firstly a warning!! You may feel disgusted reading this post and could lose your temper too[:P]. Secondly a clarification, most of us,including me have a strong sense of disgust towards this queen of controversies that I would be mentioning. Yet I just couldn't brake my mind from following her show with utmost enthu!! You must have by now found out(and probably cursing yourself to have been on this blog-page) who she is, ladies and gentlemen, it's none other than (everyone's) Rakhi!!(how many mouths rolled out with "shit"??). For about 4 weeks I ardently followed the show inspite of my busy schedule. All I long for is something to relax along with a glass of juice after my office hours. This is the case with thousands of professionals across the nation. What we want is a reason to laugh, criticize and get entertained, without bothering about what that reason actually is. And this show had that "it" factor immensely present inside it.

If I had the chance, I would present the viewers with the "Shakuni" award. Shakuni, the prince of Gandhar and brother of Gandhari potrayed himself to be the supportive uncle of Duryodhana though he wished to ruin his empire. What he happened to be in the exterior was not actually himself. In a much similar way(rather vice-versa), though I had lots of disgust towards her, and though with every minute of the show, my room resounded with thunderous vulgar words against her from my friends(and me ofcourse), still everyone were glued to the show and loving it. I don't think anyone else in the nation could have come close to the way that she pulled the show. We all needed someone with a glorious past to tackle the TRP ratings, and bingo!! NDTV Imagine's imagination of topping the charts turned into reality. This should win the "Kya Idea Hain Sirjee" contest.

From walking on fire to bending iron rods over their necks, the grooms were literally on war with eachother. Rakhi "enacted" her role of bride perfectly. I(and majority of the nation) pities the taklu NRI with lots of money for his victory. Victory could never have been more bitter. No one really cared about who would win, though they wanted someone to win. No one really cared about Rakhi, though they wanted to see her wooden face turning away from the camera with shyness(ROFL) and no one cared about whether she would marry the winner or not. It was a superb entertainment-filled bag of crap or more simply "it glorified shit". This post is not to be mistaken to be against the show or the main protagonist of the show. We support you Rakhi, thanks for keeping us entertained and we don't care whether you marry anyone or everyone.
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sridhar said...

Dude there is going to RAKHI KA SWAYAMVAR..SEASON 2..will be aired from Jan 1 year bumper season..So gear up bachelors..reach out to NDTV IMAGINE for

Appoos' said...

man, i never cared to watch the show... most of the reality show's are glorified shit...

laZy said...

Dude.. if its one or two days then ok.. but I pity u, u r a victm of show ;) how can u c that regularly ?? :) what eva I really appreciate that channel.. by som how they r getting wat they want and rakhee too..atlst choice is ours whethr 2 c it or not right? so cant blame any1;)
but 2 c rakhee in that role is really _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ppl can fil that blank :)

Post Man said...

Thanks for viewing the blog....hmmmm...season 2 eh....i personally don't prefer another season....coz then the magic wud die....let this remain as one unique piece of history

Post Man said...

@Appoos' and @laZy
Guys you seriously have missed out a bumper entertainer. Its all framed and was real fun to see Rakhi exclusively in that role. Like I said no one else could have pulled it the way she did. @laZy, dude u cant expect Aish/Kats in that role. They would sue the channel for asking them for such an offer [:P]. Guys, the nation hates her but still it has topped the ratings. An advice to you ppl, chk out the videos from youtube. It would make your day(s).