Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jai Hind!!

Which is your favorite song? Before reading further make sure you have your choice crystal clear. Now ask yourself why do you happen to like it? Having answered that ask yourself when was the last time you heard it? And finally, how many times roughly did you listen to it? Have these answers with yourself. Now lemme ask you a simple question, what if someone made you listen to it everyday(yes my friend,i meant "everyday") and probably if you had to sing it aloud too? Your favorite would soon be the most detested. How many times can a Northie listen or hum "Jai Ho", a Tamilian hum "Unnale Unnale", or an Andhrite hum "Cheliya Cheliya" and how many times can you hum your chosen favorite song? May be a few hundred of times. Now just have a look at this video before reading further :)

How many times have you sung it and listened to it? I am pretty sure everyday of your schooling atleast. A sense of pride grips one's body irrespective of your origin, be it Punjabi or a Tamilian, a Gujju or a Manipuri. That's the beauty of this song you just listened to. I am sure I can listen to it daily and can sing it with my heart all through out my life. And I am sure so can you. Just wanted to share this thought that incidentally occurred today. Happy birthday independent INDIA. Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day!!
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laZy said...

so you want evryone to sing janaganamana dily?? actually I think the comparison is in a wron way.. infact the janaganamana song in YUVA movi is d roking one so many ll hum that, but it dosnt mean that they get that feel or they do so as in the tell me how many young ppl want 2 serve INDIA?? wher is lok-paritran now?? so ppl must b changd.. you dont need to show off r somthing..just b an INDIAN try 2 do somthing for iNDIA..Its really d best if you sing janaganamana dily and be a good citizen but just singing cant do much I guess!!
Even if you dunno wats janaganamana its ok but u need to help others and serve mother INDIA!!

Post Man said...

I would place your comment at the topmost position of the "Totally Mistaken" category for the following reasons:
1.I never mentioned that everyone must sing the anthem. So ur claim,"so you want evryone to sing janaganamana dily??" is totally misplaced in this context.
2. I haven't at all made a comparison. I have just made an observation how unique is the anthem. So ur claim,"actually I think the comparison is in a wrong way" is totally wrong.
3. The comparison has been made by you, more precisely with YUVA. Here is an appeal to all Indians not to compare the anthem with any other song because no song is bigger than the nation.
4. I have absolutely no idea from where and why did "lok-paritran" and "youth" come into picture.Neither my post dealt with any political party nor youth.
5. "so ppl must b changd.. you dont need to show off r somthing"....there is no individual at all linked in my post. So I don't get who these 'ppl' are or who is actually showing off.
6."just b an INDIAN try 2 do somthing for iNDIA"....who is not being an Indian?? Is it me u r asking to be Indian or the readers or the entire nation?
7. I never mentioned singing would do wonders.U have mistaken the post again.
8. "Even if you dunno wats janaganamana its ok but u need to help others and serve mother INDIA"....who told u i don't know the anthem??? Dude you seem to have been totally dizzy while reading it. And I know what I am doing for the nation too dude.

Finally, a national anthem should not be thought of as a mere song as you seem to be feeling. Its the symbol of unity that binds our nation.Its beyond boundaries. Please don't compare it with other songs of any time.
Only thing that I would agree with what u have mentioned is "one should one needs to help others and server mother INDIA"....though even that statement is totally out of context regarding the post