Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nation's Shame

It was not Aarushi's murder nor was it the Mumbai girls racket that would tempt the nation. It was only a slap that a middle-class bank manager got by a middle-aged man, namely a Memebr of Parliament from A.P. Even as the countless number of news channels repeatedly kept showing the video of the M.P slapping the bank employee, the M.P when approached by the media expressed his dissatisfaction on the issue being blown out of proportion. His claims that he went to the bank only after that employee bluntly ignored his call and even verbally abused him at the premises has already found it's place in "Best Bed-Time Stories" book available across your street. Who in this country would ignore any politician's call who already has 10 murder,5 rape,3 money-lobbying,2 public assault and 1 fake-ID cases pending against him/her? And when it comes to speaking, even the three commander-in-chiefs take a bow before such goons in white kurta/dhoti.

Sensing his bed-time story hadn't yet shut the wailing sounds, the M.P retorted to a stance that even the Gods fear to speak about, being his caste. He claimed that the bank employee's lack of respect towards him was because he was a Dalit!!! (I still can't help myself from LOLing ever since I heard him say that) How helpless is the law inspite of having a live proof? None have raised a voice against him once he made that statement. And the other day, he was seated happily in the Lok Sabha thumping the desk when the Budget was being presented. The poor bank employee had so much to say, but none of the TV channels covered his views exclusively as they have done this good-for-nothing powerful man's followup. Nor has any finger been pointed at the cock-n-bull stories of the politician in the media.

Further the M.P has claimed that he was only trying to hold the bank employee's shoulder to explain him things when the employee moved backwards and this made him to move towards the employee thereby his benevolent hand tangentially grazing the cheek of the employee. Zzzzz, I am already asleep! He is the same M.P who voted against the NDA during the trust-vote in Vajpayee-Government inspite of being a member of NDA then, the reason being he was bought by a happy sum. He immediately has been made a minister in the state by Congress (for back-stabbing NDA) a few days after he gained membership in Congress. When would the media speak only the facts rather than simply betting on sensation and mindlessly following such similar shitty-politicians.

Watch the video and be the judge - MP assaults Bank Employee
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Ichuuuuuuuuuu :-) said...

These politicians are miserable..!! what do they think?? getting into the M.P. or wtv post makes them the Maharaja of the world and the aam junta their slaves?!?!?!?! they forget the very fact that they reach this position only cos the "aam junta" voted 4 them!!(also fake votes brings them 2 d,tats a diff issue tho..)..
and regardng the M.P.'s tieing this issue with the caste(mentioning DALIT) is such a horrible thing.. makes me say "ye log kab sudhrenge!!!"
The media just needs a hot news 2 increase its rate..!! this would be jus followed 4 1 or 2 days and aftr tat .. who bothers!! media ko bi sudharna chahiye!!!

Appoos' said...

well id this is called grazing the cheek, wonder wht lathi charge would be?? this isnt an isolated case as well. this hapns all the time. n caste based politics is rampant in india even when the constitution says no one can use that as a pretext for anything. wonder if these guys even know there is a constitution in india. i guess 49-0 has to be used rampantly by the "aam junta"..

Post Man said...

@ Ichuuuuuuuuuu :-)
yes....i agree with has to broaden its mind and look at every angle rather than yearning for a simple fact, dont u think the media can create even more sensation if they view as we have thought here....the media though runs after sensation, plays it safe.....anything against a powerful politician may sink it with political power.....its a pretty serious issue that needs to be tackled cleverly....i have faith in the media and i knw they are very smart people...hope they change soon and give people the truth along with their sensation

Post Man said...

i agree with u....49-0 needs to be propagated....but unfortunately nothng seems to be bigger thn money in our country yet...:(