Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Poor' Sachin

Which team should Sachin play for in the next IPL season? All you guys are wrong, not anymore for Mumbai Indians because he belongs to Nellore!(Did I hear someone say wtf?) Not one,but two ration cards bearing his name and photograph(!!) have been issued by the Government of AP. Not surprisingly are two bogus residences Sachin owns in Nellore.

Andhra has got one of the highest number of white ration card holders in the country, thanks to the Government's strategy of satisfying larger section of the junta during the last elections. With the Congress coming to power for a second term it now has issued to cut down the issued ration cards to half the numbers. It was a mere election campaign strategy that has fooled the innocent common man. It was not too far that a ration card bearing the names of Sonia,Priyanka and Rahul was found in posession of a politician but went under the sack due to mere political and money power. And not long before even Sania Mirza was issued one. So the norm could be "if Sania Mirza herself was issued why shouldn't the nation's foremost sportsman?"

Very cleverly the Government has declared to cut the number of ration cards to half under the pretext of slashing the thousands of bogus cards. It was the same Governent that issued these cards just to attract the people. Fake named cards, 2-3 cards per home, etc were issued with full knowledge of the officials issuing them and though there were reports in the media previously they were simply ignored by political power. Having sworn into power for a full 2nd term inspite of marginally won the state elections and with the cricketing God's Andhra-link revealed the Government of AP now has been forced by the strong opposition the state now has to make this check rather than a corruption check as claimed by them.
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sridhar said...

deccan chargers lo place kosam sachin ila try

Appoos' said...

well this is a serious issue. its not just with bogus ration cards in the state's countryside, something like this happens rite in its capital city. n this time its not ration cards, but voter ID cards. ours is a 4 member family living in nice home in hyderabad, but wht i dint knw was that the election commission blokes thought we were living in the earky 20th century joint family with 35 members.. u may be shocked to knw tht too. jus try to search for ur name in the EC of AP site, u never knw, u might be in for a BIG surprise. no wonder thr r so many bogus voters in india.