Sunday, June 21, 2009

Both the Same

A week ago, a popular national daily carried a centerfold half-page entry which focused on women's role and position in today's world. It was a very pleasing article that talked about woman's slow but powerful entry into the world of business,sport,media etc. 6 pages away from that centerfold print,deep at the bottom of the page was a victory. Above this victory rested a defeat. The Indian Men's cricket team couldn't defend the T20 WC and had to bow off without much sparkle a couple of days back. And as every newspaper had been carrying out their own survey on what went wrong with the team, this daily also had a half-page article investigating in vain the roots of the defeat. And below this, probably as a reminder to the readers was the Indian Women's cricket team's hard-earned victory that put them in the semi-finals of their World Cup.

A total shift of gears within 6 pages! Women's cricket may not be popular in the country but why should a defeat grab more attention than a victory? It was just not our men's day out in the park this time and it's as simple as that. There's no much logic in having a post-mortem after the loss. Instead why not support our other team that's doing well. A big thanks to ICC and Star Network for telecasting the semifinals and the finals of the Women's campaign. I kept following both our teams throughout and frankly there is nothing inferior in the women's performance meter. I was really surprised to see a handful of people crowded outside an electronic goods store that was telecasting the Women's semifinal and within no matter of time I was one amongst them. The quality of sport almost equaled the men's cricket. There were close finishes,big hits,dives and everything that we have seen in men's cricket.

Success is sweet, sweet enough to heal the pain of defeat. It's the media that needs to relook at this double standards they themselves have set before speaking on equal gender rights atleast in sport. After all it's the same sport, Cricket. I am sure there are takers for any kind of cricket in this country. The media is the most powerful tool that can catapult the future of women's cricket and I wish that all the matches are televised the next time and hoping to see more of Billy Bowden's dance amongst the ladies.


Sushanth said...

Why criticize media for lack for viewership for womens' cricket. I hardly doubt if women themselves follow womens' cricket. I am not trying to be chauvinist over here, but its like blaming media for not promoting Mr Universe as much Miss Universe contests.

Post Man said...

If not media, how do you think would people come to follow this better. The viewership would increase only if a positive initiative is taken by the media. And is it a rule that women need to follow womens' cricket and men need to follow mens'. If that was the case we shouldn't be having Shettys and Zintas in cricket. I firmly say media(any form) has a major role to play.

Jugaad_Owner said...

So good ,totally true.i agree
thanks from

Hariharan said...

We are in an unlucky world of negative media which earns more revenue for them instead of positive expressions, So its not only cricket, its everywhere every sport other than cricket.
Overall you have written whats in everybody's thaughts......

Ichuuuuuuuuuu :-) said...

yeah the post s very much true.. its the media which should change its outlook and promote women's sports!!

Post Man said...

I disagree with you generalising that the media is negative....the Indian media has proven repeatedly their importance at many occasions. However there are some stoned unturned such as ones stated in the post.
@Ichuuuuuuuuuu :)
thanks for the support....I would however say media needs to promote in a 'better' way than they are doing now. They are doing a lil bit now...but just not enough