Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thumbs Down

We have seen him donning the hat of an ambitious but tough coach of the Indian woman's national hockey team. The never-say-die spirit that has been instigated by this great man in the team sees them to lift the World Champions trophy. Their horrible loss in the first match they play least bothered the King coach as he had faith in his girls. He motivated them, joked with them, danced with them, and saw them lift the trophy and heard the stadium echo with the uproar, Chak De!India!

Alas, this was to be reel story only. The real story and the agony faced could be seen in all the faces of the Kolkatta Knight Riders in the second edition of IPL. The same reel-coach now owned the franchise. I still remember him hugging and pouncing on Shoaib Akhtar at the Man of the Match presentation ceremony last IPL after KKR won a match. But his team hardly gave him such a chance this time. Even if they did in the couple of games they won, the Big Boss was no where to be seen. KKR has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and I know none of us have missed all the pre-IPL drama nor the fake-IPL saga. But where was the King? The same man who almost inspired even the asli woman's hockey team to rethink of their strategies from his quotes in the movie was no where to be seen in KKR's camp.

Agreed that it sucks to be in the losing side, but would someone tell him this is sport first and business next. For all the fans of Khan, I am not insulting even his toe nail's dust particle. I have been impressed by many of his movies and enjoy them thoroughly. But don't you think it's his responsibilty to stay back with the team. His presence itself would have been a huge motivational factor to the entire squad and I am sure the boys would have fared better than what they finally were. It doesn't take a batallion long time to lose a battle without their commander. Let Khan understand that he may be the King in reel-life but to potray the same kind of effect in real sport, he has to be sportive and supportive first. Hope he learns it if he wishes to see his KKR not at the bottom of the table in IPL-3