Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unity in Agony

Not one, not two. With the constantly increasing number of attacks on the Indians in Oz which have been largely accredited as racially motivated, it was apt for the large Indian population to carry out a peaceful protest against the Oz authorities. While the entire focus was on seeking justice, my eyes caught a very pleasing fact. How often does one see a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian hand in hand and fight for a common cause in our own land? I can only remember them to be pre-independence days as I read in history while I was in school.

The front page photograph of the aggressive but peaceful protesters in almost all the national dailies carried people of all religions hand in hand. At a time when there have been recent attacks on churches in parts of Orissa and Karnataka, religious unrest in Punjab, unnecesary suspicions against every Muslim in the country, these attacks have disolved the evil notion of religious differenciation. My focus here is not the gruesome attacks Indians have faced which is very condemnable. It's on one factor that has always been believed for ages to be the divinity of humanity but has never been practised off-late in any one's own country, and that being Unity. An Indian Muslim in Oz still practices namaz five-times a day, and a Hindu still puts holy-ash on his forehead. Both have more Indianess over there than when they were in India and that's natural.

I am not tagging these students in Oz or any other country to be extraordinary. It's just that they all are sensible. They love every Indian irrespective of his/her roots. These people would definitely have the same sense even if they were to be in India much like most of we Indians do. Unfortunately we hardly see many of our self-proclaimed leaders who at times have coined themselves to be moral-police or messengers of God, lacking in this ever-simple common sense. Let's hope atleast a few of these currently good-for-nothing humans learn something from this show of solidarity of the youth in Oz and start behaving humanly and do something good.


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