Monday, June 15, 2009


What did India see after the fall of the British Raj? The Gandhi Raj! The difference definitely being, people have themselves elected the new Raj time and again over nearly 6 decades. The Congress looked pretty weak a decade back which was the heyday for BJP which had very able leaders and saw itself begng welcomed by the people of India inspite of always holding the tag of Hindutva in the eyes of many. But that was past and we all know what has happened a couple of months ago. BJP and its allies lost another chance to see the brave old man Advani at the supreme post.

I have never ardently followed politics. And the sometimes that I did, I had an unknown inclination towards BJP, not that I was a stauch Hindu but I always saw good leadership in Vajpayee, Mahajan, Jaswant, Yashwant, etc. But it's pretty much clear now that this once erstwhile 'stable counter-attacking' party to Congress is more or less in a huge dilemma currently with party's pivotal men unimpressed by the party's agenda. Keeping it aside and looking at the other front led by Congress, doesn't it give immence pleasure finding such a good percentage of youth in the cabinet. And what's more important for Congress has been the meteoric rise of another Gandhi. While BJP had all the troubles in the world for it's own Gandhi, Rahul for Congress surely is the future of the party and possibly India.

Congress definitely has caught the eyes of the youth as well as the rural man and that's the license to 'favoritism' in India. Rahul along with leaders like Scindia, Pilot can now definitely be looked upon with much hope and trust. And all are more than mere showmen, they know their destiny and they know how to live up to this hope. It's time BJP also plans for another 5 years in the opposition apart from the current 5 as I am pretty sure Congress would have Rahul as the forerunner for the hot job and I am again sure Indians would be more than happy to pin their hopes on him. The Youngistan is here and Yes, the Gandhi is back!