Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wicked Pleasure

It was heart-breaking to see Indians bow out without much fight in the ongoing T20 World Cup. No matter what ever were the miscalculations made by the shrewd dude, Dhoni, we no more are the World Champs. Now that's a very bitter pill to swallow to a team that went in as the tournament favourites and I am pretty sure Indians will bounce back. They are not a weak team, it just was not any Indian's day out in England. I still have not fully recovered being a big-time follower of Indian cricket , but at the same time I want a wicked pleasure that I would just love to experience.

I am not that kinda person, who at the end of the game says, "Today, on the whole Cricket has won." It has to be India, and if not India, then any other nation except Pakistan! Being an Indian fan automatically distances one from arch-rival Pakistan. With India out I have been praying day and night that Pakistan shouldn't go far off. I often wonder if this is the case with every Indian except Ravi Shastri (for whom cricket wins everyday). And does the vice-versa happen amongst Pakistanis?

I dont know how Indian fans felt when Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992 and I thank myself for being a kid then. Ever since I have grown up, cricket has given me immense pleasure and entertainment with India winning quite a few world titles and Pakistan having none. The shock after India's loss to Bangladesh in 2007 World Cup was quickly healed by Pakistan's loss to Ireland in the same tournament. Bangladesh is a test-playing nation, but what about Ireland? That's a bigger insult in the eyes of an Indian cricket-fan and I am very eagerly looking forward for that wicked pleasure again now with India out. Hoping to see Pakistanis in the neighbourhood at the earliest. What about you?


searchingmyself said...

Its very true that most of the indians would think the way you do.If it were some days back even i would have categorized myself favouring you.But after watching these many civilians displaced in the northen pakistan and the steps taken by Zardari to work against terror,i don't have the same feeling for pakistan now.I would now rather take an impartial face telling that let Pakistan win if they really deserve the cup.

Post Man said...

I respect your feelings and even my heart goes on to the innocent victims of the ongoing conflict between Pak and Taliban. But I don't give credit to Zardari. Remember that initially it was he who has given the Swat valley to the taliban and it was only on international pressure has he started to act. I would say even the work that he is now carrying against taliban is a result of the international pressure.
And dude, I don't think one should mix up politics and sport. This post is only related to sport and is not politically inclined. In a sport we have a team that we favour and a few that we don't for various reasons. There are archrivals in every sport and cricket is no different. Being an Indian cricket fan, I don't want Pakistan to win. I am pretty sure Pakistan fans would be really happy to have India out of the tournament.

Shobhit said...

You say that one shouldn't mix up politics and sport. Very true. But what exactly are you mixing up sport with here ? If you term it as arch-rivalry, then what's the very basis of that rivalry ? Isn't it the result of the ever existing tension across the borderline ?
It is obvious to support one's own team. But to oppose another team just because one has been at war with that country is to ridicule the very objective of sport.
I wonder if you have noticed lately that Pakistan has been playing good cricket. And so has been Sri Lanka. So, putting aside any 'rivalries' we should accept and applaud the victory of the more deserving team on the day (specially if our team is not involved).

Post Man said...

I agree with you. The arch-rivalry that both the teams sport has its roots deeply embedded in politics. When I said arch-rival I didn't cross the sporting boundaries and I can assure you that. I know Pakistan has been playing good cricket and it's fans have been starving for the sport. They would definitely deserve the cup if they are the best. But my argument was simple, it just doesn't make 'me' and many Indians(if not all) happy. A very personal one indeed!